Ultrasonic Skin Peeling Machine - Glorry Shop
Ultrasonic Skin Peeling Machine - Glorry Shop
Ultrasonic Skin Peeling Machine - Glorry Shop

Ultrasonic Skin Peeling Machine

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Key Features:

  • Ultrasonic Vibration and 3 Modes: Provides 24000Hz high ultrasonic frequency (24000 vibrations per second), skin care by peeling dead skin, deep cleansing and exfoliating has much better effect than manual cleansing. And includes 3 modes: Cleaning Mode for deep cleansing, Moisturizing Mode for moisturizing import, Lifting Mode for lifting face skin and skin tightening.
  • Deep Cleansing & Health Whitening: Adopting an operation method of 45 degree angle to speed up the metabolism of epidermal cells and renew its normal upgrading rate, meanwhile, speed up the shedding of aged epidermal cells and abnormal cells. 
  • Leading-in Nutrition & Activate Skin: By adopting ultrasonic vibration technology, it can promote blood circulation within the dermis, accelerate lymphatic return, discharge toxins that built up in the deeper skin layers.  
  • Universal Skin Scrubber: Specially designed to work for all skin types (normal skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and oily skin). It will promote the production of collagen, effectively preserve skin moisture and reduce wrinkle.
  • Home and Travel Usage: Owns compact portable size and built-in 650 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts approximately 2.5 hours per full charge and last approximately one month. A super skincare helper for you while traveling or at home.


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Key Highlights:

* 5 benefit Functions: 1) Remove Blackheads and cutin. 2) Deep Cleaning. 3) Moisturizing Import. 4) Massage. 5) Lifting.

* Used directly on damp skin, the gentle cleansing treatment delicately exfoliates and cleans away dead skin cells, dirt and sebum through small ultrasonic vibrations. Don't hurt your skin.

* Which Skin Parts Is Usable To Use? Face, Neck, Hand, Elbow, Leg, Foot.

* Humanity Design: This device support IPX5 waterproof and Easy to be charged by the included adapter or USB charge cable.



1. Must keep your skin wet while exfoliating

2. Do not use in the positions of the eyes or eyeballs

3. Excessive use of the product may damage the skin

4. The same skin position does not stay for more than 3 seconds, no more than 10 minutes each time

5. Works better with skin care products such as deep cleansing oil, cleaning foam, toner, massage cream, essential oil, essence cream, etc



* 1. The item must be used with water or cosmetic cream.

* 2. Read manual carefully before using it.


How to use it:

Hold the start button for 3 seconds, the device will start

* Step1: Wash the face / neck / 

* Step2: Keep your face wet and turn on "Lifting Mode" / "Lifting Mode" / "Moisturizing mode", hold the scrubber with the spatula blade angled down, gently sliding the edge of the spatula along the skin surface, watch as the slurry from the pores easily builds on the edge of the spatula. Wipe clean as needed

* Step3: Dry the face, apply cream to the skin. Turn the Hydrating Mode and penetrate the cream deep into the skin.



* Item Type: Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

* Materials: high-quality ABS + stainless steel

* Applications: Body (Face, Neck, Hand, Elbow, Leg, Foot)

* Skin Type: All Skin types

* Output Voltage and Current: DC 5 V / 600 mA

* Power supply: AC 100 V ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz

* Battery: Built-in Rechargeable Battery

* Charging time: About 3 hours

* Standby time: About 30 Days

* Color: White, Black (Optional)

* Main Item Size: 17.3 * 5.5 * 1.5 cm / 6.77 * 2.16 * 0.59 inch

* Main Item Weight: 96g / 3.3 oz


Package Lists:

1 * Skin Scrubber with Protective Cover

1 * USB cable

1 * English Manual