Radio frequency Nano-Hydrating Skin Care Ion+/- LED Photon Beauty RF lifting& Anti-aging Massager

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Deep Cleaning Nutrition Introduction Hot & Cold Vibration Massager, Skin Rejuvenation & Tightening abilities. The Radio Frequency Nano-Hydrating Massager takes any cream or gel and makes it easy to apply on the skin.This method of application increases absorption and enhances natural beauty.

1.Spray particle essence function 
Push button automatic spray
If the nutrient is liquefied into nano-particles and sprayed evenly on the skin, the absorption  will be much greater than applied regular way.
2.Medium and Low Cycle Wave Function Improves Skin
Elevating compactness through medium and low AC
Medium and low cycles are the induction of symmetrical changes in polarity and size of positive (+) and negative (-). 
3.Ion Import Function
Ion therapy is a method of penetrating water-soluble substances into the skin.
4.Color light therapy
It can penetrate the dermis of 2-3MM, which is helpful for skin elasticity and wrinkle management.
Restore good skin color, moisturize, whiten, tender and shiny skin
It can penetrate into the epidermis around 1MM, which has good calming effect on the skin & keratin management.
Product weight: 245G
Electricity: DC5V 1A
Color: White
Product size: 65*120*210
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Size: 210mm*120mm*65mm
Function: EMS Galvanic Ion +/-
Standard Voltage: 110V -220V
Power Source: US/EU/UK/AU