LED Photon Light Therapy Anti Aging Device

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  EMS 5 in 1 anti-aging beauty device works to stimulate regeneration of collagen, tighten skin, and have a noticeable effect on discoloration. Results will be better if device is used with serum or essential oils. 

   Main Functions:

  1. EMS massager: electric muscle stimulator.
  2. High Frequency Galvanic.
  3. Led light photon therapy
  4. RF Micro current Face lift.
  5. Electric Pulse current treatment.

  Major effects:

 Tightening and Anti-wrinkles

Under stimulation of radio frequency waves, the device improves generation of collagen, helps produce collagen elastic fibers, and quickly tightens skin to minimize wrinkle appearance. 

 Radio frequency wave can:

Accelerate cell regeneration and metabolism

Eliminate excessive pigment and metabolic waste

Improve absorption of nutrition

Quickly brighten skin 


  1. Tightening and Lifting

  Radio frequency waves can improve cell energy, increase the amount of active cells and make the cells more intensive.